Steven Swift (Business Strategy Coach) and John Child (Success Coach) have known each other since their school days. Since that time Steven has gone on to become an expert in helping businesses move to the 'next level' financially and John has helped hundreds of clients move to the 'next level' of success in life.

Steven Swift is a Business Strategy Coach who launched his first  business in 2004 on a shoe string and turned it into £4.65 Million in sales. He has since gone on to become an expert in helping businesses move to the 'next level' financially, many of which are now multiple 7 figure empires.

John Child is a Success Coach & NLP expert with over 2 decades experience in this area. Over the years he has helped hundreds of clients move to the 'next level' and create the fun, hopeful and fulfilling future they deserve.

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Episode Nineteen - Marketing calendar (marketing plan pt. 2)
Episode 19, July 2nd 2021, What is a marketing calendar? How can it benefit your business? How to build one.
Episode Seventeen - Organic marketing
Episode 17, June 18th 2021, A discussion on how to prepare before building an organic marketing strategy.
Episode Eighteen - Marketing plan
Episode 18, June 25th 2021. Marketing plan. Part 1 of our marketing plan workshop. John leads a session that you will need to pause and repeat as you go along. What should you include in a marketing plan? How should you use it? Why do you need it?
Episode Fifteen - Direct mail wording
Episode 15, May 28th 2021, We go on a journey through the important (and often overlooked) considerations when putting together a direct mail contact.
Episode Sixteen - Split testing
Episode 16, June 11th 2021, John & Steven give an introduction into split testing. What is it? How to do it and why you need to.
Episode Thirteen - A sales example
Episode 13, May 14th 2021, Steven talks us through a real world sales example. This pulls together everything we've talked about so far. It's one you don't want to miss.
Episode Fourteen - Referral Marketing
Episode 14, May 21st 2021, We talk about how to use referrals to build a robust client base, reduce marketing cost and increase growth.
Episode Eleven - Create successful strategy
Episode 11, April 23rd 2021, A wide ranging talk about the importance of working with focus. Business strategy and being realistic.
Episode Twelve - Successful strategy (part 2)
Episode 12, May 7th 2021, Following on from episode 11 John leads us through an exercise that will quickly break down your goal into measurable milestones.
Episode Nine - Consolidation Creates Wealth
Episode 9, April 9th 2021, Steve leads us on a discussion about consolidation. What is it and how you can use it to automatically lead the prospect to recognise the benefit of working with you.
Episode Ten - Changing the paradigm
Episode 10, April 16th 2021, The importance of knowing your business process before looking at 'done for you' solutions.
Episode Seven - Objection! (pt. 1)
Episode 7, March 26th 2021, Part one of our discussion of objection handling. We go deep into what is an objection and how to reduce the number of objections before you even begin the sales conversation.

Episode Eight - Objection! (pt. 2)
Episode 8, April 2nd 2021, Part two of our discussion of objection handling. Rapport and how to build it. The bulldozer (and who you should be instead). Plus we talk about our experience of sales in our two industries.

Episode Five - The Right Product
Episode 5, March 12th 2021, We discuss the importance of robust and accurate research when it comes to making the right offering.
Episode Six - The Right Message
Episode 6, March 19th 2021, Steven gives you the blueprint of a great ad. We discuss the uncomfortable truth about your advertising, and an important lesson learned from networking.

Episode Three - The Influx of Orders
Episode 3, February 20th 2021, We talk about how to cope with the expected influx of orders to your business. We dive deep into product lifecycle, the way workload hits with an online business and how planning your energy cycle can help avoid burnout.

Download a PDF of the graphs John talks about by clicking here.

Episode Four - Planning for Success
Episode 4, February 26th 2021, Steve leads us through a process that will help you find your ideal client. We dig into the factors you need to consider to raise your profile the right way.

Episode One - It's All About You
Episode 1, February 8th 2021, We introduce ourselves before diving into a discussion about Overwhelm for new and aspiring business owners. We talk about how easy it is to be distracted by online resources that may not be right for you. John talks through a quick exercise to get you through the initial shock of overwhelm and how to take control of your initial steps.

Episode Two - Your Ideal Client (& how to help them find you)
Episode 2, February 13th 2021, We talk about the advantages and the pitfalls of targetting your marketing to a niche. How to make sure you are approaching your marketing with the right outlook and how to avoid making easily avoided mistakes when turning your prospects and customers into long term clients.

We hear about a Valentines marketing mistake from John and Steven talks you through what a good 'client avatar' should look like.